Attention Men..
If you would like to take part in our Man Day festivities
(which can include Bible study, trips to the gun range, work days at the church and much more),
please email Pastor your contact information (especially your email and cell phone number).
We are working on building a quick connecting database so that all interested men can be included in these events.
Man Days
Monthly, the men of the church are invited to join in a day of activities, conversation, and study that are deemed to be "manly."  Past "Man Days" have included a tour of the local Homeland Security depot, time at NAS Jax, a trip to the local gun range, discussions with the pastor at the local cigar bar, field day (clean up and repair days) on the church grounds, study of the Word and more.  All men are invited to take part in celebrating all things "manly" with us.



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