Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is made up of men, women and couples who serve the Lord and the church by caring for the altar and the ceremonial aspects of church services.  They keep the Chancel area in good order, prepare for Holy Communion, change banners and paraments, and clean Communion vessels, linen and acolyte robes.  Members serve on a regular schedule or may serve as substitutes.

God accept and bless the work of my hands and all who minister to thee in the care
and adornment of the sanctuary, that thy holy name may be
glorified through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord our God, quicken my heart.
Let me serve thee in all humility.
Let me serve thee in all reverence.
Let me serve thee in all obedience.
Give me a clean heart.
Give me clean hands.
Give me clean thoughts.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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